Fitness Professional Development

Workshop and Training opportunities are for KSU students interested in teaching Group Fitness, Personal Training, and or learning more about our classes and equipment!

We partner with professional fitness organizations (Schwinn, YogaFit®, TRX®, and more!) to bring training opportunities to the KSU campus. Depending on the organization and type of training, the following features may vary, including:

  • Duration (one-day or two-day workshops and training)
  • Payment
  • Prerequisite and experience requirements
  • Registration methods
  • Class size and availability

Spring 2019 Offerings: 

  • Participants will learn how to leverage TRX’s movement based training approach on the TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer to teach Foundational Movements and progressions and then apply to a variety of training equipment. Beyond Suspension Training and Rip Training, there other modalities may include: Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, DVRT Ultimate Sandbags, Battling Ropes and Bands.

    February 9, 2019
    Location: TRX Rig (SRAC)

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  • Join members of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and Kennesaw’s State University’s Department of Exercise Science program that highlights the latest research in the areas of nutrition, sports nutrition, and training.

    March 9, 2019
    Activity Rooms 1-3, (SRAC)

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  • For over 35 years, AFAA® has provided generations of instructors with practical skills and hands-on experience needed to inspire and motivate the world to move toward happier and healthier lives. This course will provide you with a strong foundation for you to build your future as a Group Fitness Instructor, and empower you to excel in the exciting group fitness community. Let AFAA® enhance your training expertise with this interactive workshop. Whether you are just starting in the fitness industry, or are an experienced pro, this training will take you to the next level.

    March 23, 2019
    Studio 2-3 (SRAC)

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