Meet the Trainers

  • Micah Smith Headshot

    Micah Smith

    Major: Exercise Science

    Certifications: NASM-CPT

    Why do you love being a personal trainer? 
    I love for people to reach their fitness goals. It can help someone feel proud and accomplished about themselves.

    • Personal Trainer Chloe Sanders

      Chloe Sanders

      Major: Exercise Science

      Certifications: NASM CPT, CPR First Aid/AED, Naloxone Certified

      Why do you love being a personal trainer? I love helping people better understand their own bodies through exercise. I love the way exercise makes people feel strong, capable, and in control of their bodies. I enjoy it so much that I forget it's a job.

      Fun Fitness Fact: I started weightlifting because I was always terrible at sports. If there's a ball involved, I'm running in the opposite direction!


      • Personal Trainer Cameron Merck

        Cameron Merck

         Major: Information Systems

        Certification(s): NASM-CPT, CPR/AED

        Why do you love being a personal trainer?: I love being a personal trainer because helping to guide someone towards their fitness goals brings me so much joy. I love helping people gain a new level of confidence within themselves and in the gym, all while fostering a meaningful relationship.

        Fun Fitness Fact: I have to add weight to pullups to make them difficult.