Kardio Across Kennesaw

Kardio Across Kennesaw is a free, 6-week program designed to increase physical activity among Kennesaw State University students, faculty, and staff members in a fun, community-oriented way!

For 6 weeks, you will track and report your steps to reach your personal goals, strive to reach the program goal, or compete for the most steps!

leaderboard   Week Five:

  • Step Leaderboard
  • Michelle U. 
  • Dusty Jackson
  • Cole L. 
  • Khalelah M.
  • S. Porter


  • Top 2 Teams
  • Students!
  • Rec on Dec

Participants reported:

  • I have continued to go to the gym and focused more on being healthy - Anonymous

  • I attended 5 group fitness classes. - Anonymous

  • I took over 38,000 steps this weekend! - K.M.

Week Six:

  • Step Leaderboard
  • Steven Ho
  • Khalelah M.
  • Dusty Jackson
  • Carolee Larson
  • Cole L.


  • Top 2 Teams
  • Rec on Dec
  • Staff


28 participants completed all 6 weeks of the program!

Participants reported:

  • I earned a FitBit "trail shoe" badge on Saturday...30,000 steps in 1 day! - K.H.
  • I had my second highest step total on Saturday since starting to track them! - DH


  • Participate as an individual or create a team! Within your team, you can challenge your friends and see who comes out on top! Register here!

    Participants will use the Kardio Across Kennesaw walking log to record their weekly steps. A link will be sent to your KSU email account each Sunday. Your steps must be entered by 12:00PM every Monday.

    View your progress on the program leaderboards (above) each week!

    Important Dates:

    Kardio Across Kennesaw begins on September 11 (start of Week 1)

    Week 1 steps must be entered by 12PM on Monday, September 18

    Week 2 steps must be entered by 12PM on Monday, September 25

    Week 3 steps must be entered by 12PM on Monday, October 2

    Week 4 steps must be entered by 12PM on Monday, October 9

    Week 5 steps must be entered by 12PM on Monday, October 16

    Week 6 steps must be entered by 12PM on Monday, October 23

  • Participants who track and record their weekly steps by the deadline, for at least five of the six weeks, will be awarded a prize!

  • The KSU Department of Sports and Recreation OwlFit Program sponsors this program. It is designed to help participants: 

    • Have a positive experience involving physical activity
    • Participate in OwlFit Group Exercise classes to reach daily step goals
    • Get more physically fit
    • Learn to incorporate regular physical activity into daily activities
    • Get support from the OwlFit professionals, fellow group exercise participants, and your team
    • Have fun!

    OwlFit Group Exercise will help you reach your goals!
    Regularly attend group exercise classes to:

    • Accumulate class steps from ALL class formats
    • Stay motivated to adhere to the program
    • Make friends and have fun while staying healthy

    Find the complete schedule of weekly group exercise classes here. 

    Don't have a Sports and Recreation membership to attend classes? Get a daily guest pass or become a member today!


    Participant progress will be managed through a series of Google Docs to track weekly steps. As participants accumulate steps, they may check their progress on the program-wide leaderboard, which will be updated weekly. 

    Kardio Across Kennesaw is challenging participants with a weekly goal of 39,600 steps. This is the equivalent of about 5,700 steps each day or 3-4 days of 7,000 to 10,000 steps. If you follow this plan each week, you will have walked at least 100 miles throughout the program!

    Here are the weekly goals:

    Week 1 - 33,000 steps and/or 16.5 miles (cumulative)

    Week 2 - 66,000 steps and/or 33 miles (weeks 1-2)

    Week 3 - 99,000 steps and/or 49.5 miles (weeks 1-3)

    Week 4 - 132,000 steps and/or 66 miles (weeks 1-4)

    Week 5 - 165,000 steps and/or 82.5 miles (weeks 1-5)

    Week 6 - 200,000 steps and/or 100 miles (weeks 1-6)