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Summer  2020

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    June Summer Fitness Challenge

    Feeling body aches and tightness from the quarantine? Join the OwlFit Flexibility challenge to improve your total body flexibility. This 30 day challenge includes a collection of stretches and yoga poses that will guide you through flexibility and mobility work for all parts of the body! Complete this challenge to win a FREE spot in one of OwlFit's Small Group Coaching Programs in July (Bootcamp or Cardio-Strength and Mobility)!

    Perform each stretch routine for each day of the month. Each pose will be held for approximately 30 seconds. Don't forget to stretch each side!  

    The Rules are simple!
    1. Check @KSUSportsRec for the Flex Stretch Images of the Day 
    2. Tag @KSUSportsRec in at least one picture or video each week of you doing your flexibility workout using the hashtag #OwlFitFlexChallenge

    Hint: The more you post the more likely you are to win!

    3. Participants who complete the challenge will be entered into a raffle to win a FREE spot in one of OwlFit's July Small Group Coaching Programs (Bootcamp, or Cardio Strength and Mobility) 

    You'll be able to find this challenge on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!

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    July QuickFit Strength Challenge

    This challenge will improve your muscle endurance and strength while challenging your cardiovascular fitness. Each assigned workout is completed in a circuit fashion, and every week you are challenged to a new level by increasing the repetitions of each exercise. This is a great kick starter to get fit quick. Get ready to push yourself to the limit!

    Program/Exercise Instructions:Complete 2-3 rounds or as many rounds as possible (ARAP) in 30 minutes. Complete exercises as a circuit, and rest 1-3 minutes as needed between rounds. A quick Google search of the exercise name will provide images or videos of unfamiliar exercises.