Fitness on the Fly

Fitness on the Fly is a personalized fitness experience for members of the KSU Community including teams, clubs, departments, and classes. We can accommodate groups with a variety of requests including Zumba®, yoga, strength and conditioning, and more! Requests for a minimum of 5 participants can be a one-time program or in a series.

  • Based on your request, we build specialized programs to meet your needs. We will provide nationally certified instructors and/or trainers for your program. We may also be able to provide equipment, music, etc.

  • Student organizations, teams, departments, or any other groups part of the KSU Community. Guests are eligible to attend Fitness on the Fly programs hosted by a KSU affiliate.

  • You will select your preferred program date and time. If we do not have staff available, we will work with you to find a satisfactory alternative.

  • Our instructors and trainers are willing to travel to the on-campus location of your preference. For some, this might be a classroom, the Campus Green, or a space in a Residence Hall. You may also be able to request a space in one of our Recreational Facilities.

  • Complete the Fitness on the Fly Request Form and one of our OwlFit members will reach out to you to confirm the details of your request and provide a quote.

Fitness on the Fly Request Form

For questions regarding this form, please contact

Group and Contact Information:

If different than the requester, what is the information for the on-site contact person on the day of the event:

Program Description:

These dates must be at least 4 weeks out from today’s date. We will do our best to accommodate your priority date.

Minimum of 5 people. Please note that program prices are based on a specific participant to instructor ratio. If the number of expected participants exceeds this ratio, you may be quoted for additional staff to maintain program quality and safety protocols.

*30-minute minimum

We will do our best to accommodate your requested time.

Please note, for locations outside of our Sports and Recreation facilities, it is the requester’s responsibility to reserve space. Space reservation confirmation will be requested.

If paying via KSU Owl Pay, you MUST complete the following:



    • Submitting this online form does not guarantee confirmation of your request.
    • An OwlFit staff member will review and respond to the initial request within five (5) business days via email.
    • The requester will be provided with a program quote. The program is not confirmed until payment has been made.
    • If outside of Department of Sports and Recreation facilities, the requester is solely responsible for the space reservation and other items not included on the quote. If the space is not properly reserved the day of the program and restricts the ability to implement the program, the requester will still be responsible for payment of the entire program.
    • Some equipment may only be available for programs taking place within a Sports and Recreation facility.
    • The on-site contact person is required to be on-site and available for the entire duration of the program(s).
    • Paperwork: Participants may be required to complete waivers and/or additional paperwork. If so, the information will be provided to the contact person and it will be up to the contact person to distribute this information to the group.  Required paperwork may include but is not limited to: Medical/Health History Form, Waiver of Liability, Photo Release, and a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.
    • Age Requirement: All participants must be at least 18 years old to participate. Minors will be permitted with a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.
    • Attire: All participants are required to wear proper clothing depending the nature of the activity.
    • All participants are bound to the KSU Policy on Drugs and Alcohol.
    • Cell phones will be prohibited during structured activity/instruction time.
    • All participants must abide by OwlFit Group Fitness Etiquette and Guidelines outlined on the Department of Sports and Recreation Website.
    • Should one or more of the following occur that necessitates either a change or a cancellation to the program, the requester will remain responsible for full payment:
      • Failure on the part of the requester to provide required space and/or equipment.
      • Inaccurate participant count that exceeds the instructor’s capacity.
      • Failure to abide by all policies and guidelines outlined in Kennesaw State University Event Management System, OwlFit Group Fitness Etiquette and Guidelines, Fitness on the Fly Program guidelines, and Sports and Recreation facility guidelines.
      • Instructor deems the hosting site to be an unsafe environment.
      • Failure of requester and/or participants to complete appropriate paperwork.
      • Participants do not meet the age requirement.
    • Payment:
      • Payment must be made 7 days prior to the event, otherwise, it will be subject to cancellation.
      • Acceptable forms of payment include Owl Express Charge, check, and KCash.  
      • Please note that cancellations received with 48 business hours or less notification prior to the scheduled event will be responsible for full payment.

    Last updated 08/30/2021