Climbing Gym

Climbers on bouldering wall and climbing tower

The Climbing Gym offers 3,722 square feet of climbing space that includes a 15’ bouldering wall, 47’ climbing tower, and climbing instructional sessions with trained staff. The tower supports both top rope and lead climbing with 14 separate belay bars great for both novice and advanced climbers.



  • Climb on and glow on with the Blacklight Dyno Competition hosted by Outdoor Adventures. Show off your climbing skills where the Climbing Gym will be under blacklights showing off neon designs on the bouldering wall. Participants are encouraged to wear white to glow. Headlamps will be provided to help light the way on your climbs! Not interested in competing? Take advantage of fun climbing activities designed for every level of climber - earn prizes for participating! All registered participants will receive snacks, pizza and an event specific t-shirt!

    October 29
    $5 / $10 for guests ($5 registration + $5 guest pass)

    Registration coming soon!

  • Can you climb a mile high? The KSU Climbing Gym will be hosting a climbing challenge both bouldering and top rope climbs are eligible. T-shirts are awarded to those that complete the challenge! 

    Log your climbs with the My Climb App! 

    Need assistance? Ask an attendant at the Climbing Gym!

  • The Belay Fundamentals Course is offered to individuals that have little to no experience with belaying or would like to refresh their skills. The course is taught by one of our experienced attendants. During the course, a patron can expect to learn the hard and soft skills needed in order to be belay qualified at the KSU Climbing Gym. At the close of the course the participating patrons will be evaluated on their belaying skills and be given a written test. Once a patron passes the skills and knowledge test, they will be allowed to belay at the KSU Climbing Gym while under supervision from an attendant. Once an attendant believes the patron has become proficient in belaying, then they will be taken off of supervision status. Each semester following, a previously belayed qualified patron will only need to receive a check off skills and written test. They would not need to attend the Belay Fundaments Course again unless instructed by an attendant.

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  • Join the gal’s for Women's Climbing Nights from 4:00pm-8:00pm in the Student Recreation and Activities Center Climbing Gym. All levels are welcome to join! Shoes, chalk and harness rentals are complimentary for women’s night. We will have extra female staff to help belay and provide any climbing instruction/assistance. The gym will only be available for women during Women’s night.

    Fall 2021 Dates:

    September 1
    October 6
    November 3



  • At the KSU Climbing Gym students will have access to the boulder and tower. Students are also able to request any of the following offerings at no additional cost:

    • Climbing harness
    • Belay device
    • Climbing rope

    Students may also request the following offerings at a nominal fee:

    • Climbing Shoe & Chalk Rentals
    • 1 liquid chalk rental
    • 1 shoe and liquid chalk rental
    • 3 Punch
    • 5 Punch
    • 12 Punch
    • You must have your KSU ID with you to check into the climbing gym
    • You must be a fee paying student, have a facility membership
    • Belay certifications are not required to access the bouldering wall 
    • Patrons who have not taken a belay test are able to climb the tower during Try Climb nights when additional staff are available to belay.
    • To utilize the tower during open climb hours, you must pass a top rope belay test. Belay tests are administered upon request at no additional cost.
  • Log your climbs with the My Climb App

    Learn how to log your climbs with this tutorial. Still have questions? Ask an attendant!