KSU Climbing Gym User Procedures

All Climbing Gym Patrons are Required to Follow these Procedures:

Any infractions of these policies may result in the suspension from the KSU climbing gym privileges. Please direct any questions to the Senior Coordinator of Outdoor Adventures.

  1. Climbers should remain out of fall zones unless they are climbing. While observing, climbers may sit on the back edge of the crash pad. 
  2. Climbers should not be inverted on the wall or hangboard hips directly over head).
  3. Climbers should not walk between a belayer and the route their climber is on.
  4. Shoes must be worn at all times. Climbers should abide by the dress code set by the SRAC. Only climbing shoes or athletic shoes are to be worn while climbing. Prohibited shoes for climbing include: flip flops, sandals, hiking boots, five finger shoes.
  5. Climbers should not attempt to top out on the boulder. 
  6. Climbers down climb from the boulder whenever possible in order to reduce the height of their fall.
  7. Bouldering on the tower is permitted up to the marked height. Climbers should not pass this height with their head.
  8. Climbers must use KSU hardware and ropes for climbing on the tower. You may use your own harness, however any personal safety gear is subject to a safety inspection by Climbing Gym Staff.  Climbing Gym Staff may prohibit the use of a harness based on his/her safety inspection of the item.
  9. Climbers are to notify staff if they suspect a piece of gear is damaged or unsafe for climbing for any reason. This includes ropes, hardware, holds that are cracked or spinning, harnesses, and anything else that concerns the patron. Climbers should report lead falls to the Climbing Gym Staff so that may document the fall and inspect the rope that was used.
  10. All personal possessions such as jewelry, watches, necklaces, rings, excessively loose clothing, earrings etc., should be removed when climbing or belaying. Long hair must be pulled back. Possessions should be stored under the provided bench. The Climbing Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  11. Belayers must be Top Rope Belay qualified to check out harnesses and belay devices. 
  12. Climbers and belayers are to double check each other for safety before climbing. If the climber is not Top Rope Belay Qualified, he/she may still climb. In this case, the Climbing Gym Attendant will be the person to double check for safety.
  13. For lead climbing, the climber and belayer must be Lead Climbing Qualified before checking out a lead rope or quickdraws.
  14. No food or drink is allowed in the Climbing Gym except water. Water is not permitted on the red tile floor.