KSU Climbing Gym User Procedures

All Climbing Gym Patrons are Required to Follow these Procedures:

Any infractions of these policies will result in the suspension of the KSU climbing Wall privileges. Please direct any questions to the Experiential Program Manager.

  1. The Climbing Gym is available for use by current KSU students, faculty, staff and alumni who are members of the SRAC.
  2. The KSU Climbing Gym Attendants have authority and responsibility to enforce all Climbing Gym Procedures. Any violation of procedures by patrons may result in suspension of climbing privileges.
  3. Climbing Gym activities are allowed during designated hours when the staff is present.
  4. Interfering with the duties or safety of the belayer, climber, staff, or others will not be tolerated. Indirect observers of climbers must remain outside the red flooring area.
  5. Patrons must present their ID at the check-in desk before and after climbing. A belay device may be obtained and returned at this time.
  6. Appropriate climbing shoes and clothing must be worn at all times while using the gym. Only climbing shoes or athletic shoes are allowed, no hiking boots, sandals, or bare feet. .
  7.  Vertical climbers are required to use KSU Climbing Gym ropes, carabiners, and belay devices. Participants may use the following personal safety equipment providing it is UIAA and staff approved:
    1.  harness, shoes, helmets, and chalk bags.
  8. Climbers and belayers must use the supplied equipment and their own equipment in a manner consistent with all rules, regulations, and certification criteria. If you choose to climb using your personal harness you assume the risk of injury. Please report to staff any equipment that is being abused (stepped on or dropped). You could be using it next time.
  9. All personal possessions such as jewelry, watches, necklaces, rings, excessively loose clothing, earrings etc., should be removed when climbing or belaying. Long hair must be pulled back. Possessions should be stored under the provided bench. The Climbing Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  10. Belayers must be approved by the KSU Climbing Attendants before checking out belay device and must belay by KSU standards. If the climber has not been approved to belay a Climbing Gym Attendant must perform second check each time the climber leaves the ground. 
  11. Absolutely NO VERTICAL CLIMBING ABOVE THE DESIGNATED HIGHT ALLOWED UNLESS BELAYED BY A CERTIFIED BELAYER. You must be accompanied by a certified belayer and actually be on belay while climbing the tower. No climber is allowed to climb directly below another climber, only one climber per vertical section. Vertical climbers have priority over boulderers.
  12. Correct communication commands must be used by both the climber and belayer.
  13. Climbers are NOT permitted to hang on the top of the climbing wall or attempt to top out on the boulder.
  14. Any damaged holds must be immediately brought to the attention of the Climbing Gym Attendants. Only the Climbing Gym Attendants have the authority to move, remove, or alter any hand or foot holds on the climbing walls.
  15. Patrons must be at least 17 years old to utilize the climbing facility. Degree seeking students who have paid their recreation fee must be no younger than 16 years old.
  16. No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in the Climbing Gym.
  17. Participants are responsible for abiding by specific Climbing Gym procedures and attending the necessary clinics and orientations before climbing.
  18. Questions and concerns regarding Climbing Gym Procedures please contact: outdooradventures@kennesaw.edu