Facility Reservations

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Space for the Betty L. Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center (SRAC), Recreation & Wellness Center, Owl's Nest and the Perch may be reserved by university department or university chartered organization according to specific guidelines. While spaces may be reserved, they may not necessarily be available for exclusive use. 

  • 1.     All University policies and procedures must be observed at all times. No tobacco, drugs or alcohol is permitted on campus or any event. All events requesting food must be approved by KSU catering.

    a.     KSU Policy: http://events.kennesaw.edu/reservations/

    b.     KSU Catering: http://events.kennesaw.edu/event-resources/catering.php

    2.     KSU reserves the right to delay, postpone, and cancel events due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances surrounding the facility.

    3.     Facility must be returned in the condition it was upon arrival. (e.g. trash removed to dumpster, tables and chairs returned to storage by stated closing time) or additional fees will be applied.

    4.     KSU Campus Security/Police will be consulted to establish a security plan for the event. Any costs associated with the plan will be paid in full by the user group.

    5.     All competitive sporting events requires a Certified Emergency Medical Technician or Certified Athletic trainer on site during competition hours. (Contact information must be provided to Kendra Bailey, Senior Coordinator of Facilities & Events for Sports and Recreation, two weeks prior to event.)

    6.     A Certificate of Liability/Insurance, event waiver, and contract require KSU Legal Approval prior to confirmation of event and must be made available to KSU Sports and Recreation two weeks prior to the event.

    7.     All minors are required to have a legal guardian sign their facility waiver.

    8.     KSU reserves the right to cancel events for non-receipt of required information.

    9.     KSU University Parking will be consulted to establish a parking plan for the event. Any costs associated with the plan will be paid in full by the user group.

    10.  On site verification by the user group event staff must ensure all participants have signed KSU waiver to participate. Non-participating spectators are not required to sign a waiver.

    11.  All groups require a previously determined point of contact from the user group to be on site for the entirety of the event, which includes set up and break down.

    12.  Facility requests must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance.

    13.  Reservation requests must all pertinent information. User groups may be asked to rent their own resources (tables, chairs, etc.) due to inventory supply on hand in the recreation center (University Events does not coordinate events in the recreation centers). A fee of $200.00 will be applied to the user group if floor covering is required.

    14.  Any event could be subject to review by the KSU Campus Events Planning Committee.

    15.  Any rental requests beyond normal operating hours will be reviewed; if approved and available, the cost of additional staff will be paid by the user group.

    16.  Additional equipment Is available at an additional cost and are itemized in the matrix - Recreational Facility Use Fees

  • A security deposit is defined as 50% of base rental rate cost two weeks prior to the event. 25% of the security deposit is non-refundable within two weeks prior to the event. Checks can be made payable to KSU Sports and Recreation.  Variables to be considered in determining the rental rate (additional costs required) include the following items, which is based on number of items needed:

    • When to assess fees:
      • Internal: Departments on Campus
        • Registered Student Organizations will be assessed 50% of the internal rate for events that have an entrance/registration fee or fundraising goal
      • Registered Student Organizations
      • External: defined as more than half participants are non-Kennesaw State affiliate
        • *External User Groups are defined as any group with less than 50% of its members/attendees being KSU affiliated.
    • Staffing – if additional staff are needed, they will be assessed at the rates below:
      During Operating Hours - Per Hour
      Outside of Operating Hours - Per Hour
    • Internal
      Facility Manager - $10.00
      Facility Attendant - $7.25
      Lifeguard - $9.00
      Facility Manager - $15.00
      Facility Attendant - $12.00
      Lifeguard - $13.50
    • External 
      Facility Manager - $15.00
      Facility Attendant - $12.00
      Lifeguard - $13.50
      Facility Manager - $20.00
      Facility Attendant - $14.50
      Lifeguard - $18.00
    • Campus Resources
      • Police (to be negotiated separately in agreement)
      • Building Services/Custodial (to be negotiated separately in agreement)
      • KSU Catering
      • Parking (to be negotiated separately in agreement)
    • Various associated costs may apply through an outside vendor:
      • Excess tables, chairs, stage, podium, pipe and drape, etc.
        • Kennesaw Campus limit of 20 tables and 50 chairs
        • Marietta Campus must go through outside vendor
      • Audio visual needs may require a separate request
    • Participants – Reservations with minors must be approved by the University’s Program Serving Minors and minor participants may be restricted to certain facility spaces.
      • Guest
        • Kennesaw Rate: $10.00
        • Marietta Rate: $5.00
    • Program Equipment available at a variable rate (wake boards, basketballs, etc.)
    • Contact Information - Senior Coordinator of Facilities & Events (Sports and Recreation).

    *The Department of Sports and Recreation can adjust pricing associated with event as deemed necessary.

Registered Student Organizations - Contact the Department of Student Life
Faculty/Staff & Departments - Faculty and Staff Reservation Form
External Event Reservations - External Event Request Form

Recreational Facility Use Fees

Please review facility rules and guidelines. 


For more information about reservations and how to reserve space, contact the Senior Coordinator of Facilities and Events by email or 470-578-4898.