Club Sports at KSU are designed "for the students; by the students." Teams compete at home and away against other universities from around the country. Assisted by the staff of the Department of Sports and Recreation, students are challenged to build their leadership, communication, decision making, organizational, problem solving, and team building skills. The actual success and strength of each club is dependent on effective leadership of the officers and the degree of involvement of its club members.

  • Sports and Recreation Guidelines about the current semester can be found on our COVID-19 Protocols Webpage.
  • The Club Sports program is dedicated to supporting Club Teams and Athletes in every way possible within these guidelines. Please reach out to your Club’s Mentor if you have questions not addressed, or if you need clarification about other situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Club Sports are "for the students, by the students." Each club is formed, developed, governed and administered by KSU students. Student leaders, known as Club Sport Officers, club athletes and teams collaborate with the Club Sports program staff. The key to the success of the program and each club is attributed to the participation and involvement of student members.

  • You must meet our following eligibility requirements:

    • Current KSU student
    • Degree seeking
    • Fee paying

    Students who are new to KSU may begin participating on the first day of class of the semester.

    You must be enrolled in at least one credit hour and be a degree seeking student to be eligible to participate in Club Sports. However, some teams may have additional credit hour requirements as determined by their National Governing Bodies. Please contact the team you wish to join for more information about their specific requirements.

    Alumni, faculty and staff are not permitted to join a Club Sport team as an athlete. Volunteer positions are available. If interested in volunteering, contact for more information.

    Full eligibility details can be found in Chapter 2 of the Club Sports Handbook.

  • Club Sport teams welcome veteran athletes and newcomers alike. Student fees fund this program; therefore, all students are welcome to participate. Some clubs have competitive and recreation tracks tailored to meet the needs of each student athlete. Some clubs will host skill evaluations to determine which athletes will be added to their team’s competitive roster.

  • Yes, you may participate in select parts of the program. You may practice with a Club Sport team, but you may not compete on behalf of KSU.

    In order to participate, you must pay the Student Recreation fee at either the Dr. Betty L. Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center located on the Kennesaw Campus, or the Recreation and Wellness Center, located on the Marietta Campus

    Click here for more information about our facilities.

  • Yes, you are welcome to join us. However, some National Governing Bodies may count your varsity athletic experience against how many eligible seasons you have left to participate in sanctioned competitions. Please contact the club you are interested in joining directly for more information.

  • After submitting the player packet, the club participant will be prompted with more information if needing to complete an ImPact Concussion test.

  • In order to be eligible for this program, you must pay the Recreation Fee ($97). If you are taking classes on campus, you have already paid this fee. If you only taking online classes, you can opt-in and pay this fee so that you may become eligible to participate. This is required as student fees fund our program.

    Each Club Sport team determines how much they must charge in dues. These dues (paid either on a semester-by-semester basis or once per year) pay for travel costs, uniforms, equipment, facility rentals, etc. Reach out to the club you would like to join for specific information about how much their team dues will be for the current or upcoming semester. Please note team dues may fluctuate from year to year based on changes in the teams’ budget and yearly needs.

  • Yes! Please be sure to complete the appropriate Player Packet for each team you wish to join. You only need to complete the ImPACT test once.

  • Intramural Sports take place during two six-week phases each semester. The sports offered may change from phase-to-phase. Intramural participants will primarily compete against fellow KSU students on opposing Intramural teams. Some select teams may compete at extramural competitions that may take place off-campus. There is no additional cost to play an Intramural Sport (unless the team forfeits a competition – then the team captain will be charged the forfeit fee).

    Club Sport teams typically practice and compete over the entire academic year. Club teams practice during the week and compete on the weekends or during some weekday evenings. Club teams compete against other universities and local organizations. Club teams regularly travel to compete locally, regionally, and nationally. There are additional fees to join a club team (fees differ between club teams).

  • Contact for more information and to receive the new Club Sport Application with additional steps on how to get started with the request.

  • If you have completed your Player Packet and profile (using your KSU email) on and ImPACT Concussion Test (if applicable), please wait for approval confirmation notice from the Club Sports Staff before officially participating in activity. If questions on where you stand in the process, please contact

  • Each Club Sport team is operated by a group of student leaders called “Club Sport Officers.” Officers manage the ongoing operations of the club, including recruitment efforts, competition scheduling, financial and travel planning (among other tasks). Being a Club Sport Officer is a great way to build your resume and gain leadership experience while you are a student. Without our dedicated officers, none of this would be possible!

  • Club Sport Officers are elected by their teammates. If you want to become an officer, let your team’s current officers know.

  • Yes! Volunteering with Club Sports is a great opportunity to gain experience and build your resume while still being part of the team. Club Sport teams are regularly looking for help with team statistics, photography, and more. If interested, please email the club directly or contact the KSU Club Sports staff.