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  • KSU Airsoft Club Team
    KSU Airsoft Club Team

    Airsoft is a recreational activity where players complete objectives and/or eliminate opposing players using 6mm plastic bbs launched from Airsoft guns. This activity ranges from a more fun and realistic way of playing COD multiplayer to participating in MilSim events, which simulate actual military engagements. We encourage participants of all skill level to join our team. From casual players to competitive players, you are welcome! If interested, you can take on a leadership role for the experience and have something interesting to add to your resume. The KSU Airsoft Club is structured to allow players the opportunity to enjoy the sport for years to come. 


  • KSU Archery Club
    KSU Archery Club

    The Club Archery team welcomes new and experienced archers to join the team! The team currently practices off campus at 10 Ring Archery and is looking for interested KSU students to help the team grow. Please email the club if you are interested in learning more.

  • KSU Barbell Club
    KSU Barbell Club

    Club Barbell is open to all weightlifting sports. This club welcomes Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, Strongman competitors, CrossFit athletes, and recreational weightlifters to join the team. We are inclusive of all ability levels – whether you have years of experience in the weight room or are a beginner to the sport, you are welcome to train with us! Please email the club for more information about how to join.

  •  Established in the fall of 2010, the KSU Club Baseball team has quickly risen to be one of the premier programs in the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA), finishing 15th nationally in their inaugural season, and 3rd in 2012. The team beat former Major League catcher Todd Pratt's West Georgia Tech squad in 2011, which is now a NCAA program. While coming up short that season in the regional playoffs, they broke through in 2012 and came one win away from facing Illinois for the National Championship. In 2013, the Owls accomplished this goal and earned the title of NCBA Division II National Champions. 

  • Club Cross Country is a fun group of KSU students who enjoy running. The team always welcomes new participants. There are no physical requirements to join the club; the team has runners that just bought shoes to people that are training for marathons. Our competitive athletes primarily race in 5k to 10k events – if you are not ready to compete, that is fine too! If you want to join, please contact us today.

  • Several students who participated in the ESports Student Organization started a Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) Club Team in 2016. They competed at both regional and national level competitions. If you are interested in join, please send the club an email.

  • KSU Cycling Club is a group of avid riders who are always looking for new members-- no experience is required. The Cycling team includes both mountain bike riders and road riders, who compete in several races per season. For more information about practice time or how to join, send the club an email.

  • The KSU Dance Club practices on-campus and participates in local competitions. The team belongs to the National Dance Association (NDA). In addition to competitions, the dance club also performs at both club and varsity sporting events on campus. The club is always looking for new members with dance experience, so please reach out to the team if you are interested in joining.

  • KSU Equestrian Club
    KSU Equestrian Club

    The KSU Equestrian Team is a part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), which holds four horse shows every Fall and Spring semester. The equestrian team works out twice a week with lessons provided by the club trainer; meetings and social events are held on a monthly basis. The KSU Equestrian Team allows riders to compete against other colleges, as well as the opportunity to learn about the care of horses.

  • The KSU Fencing Club is a co-ed sports team that caters to all skill levels, including beginners. The fencing club meets twice a week at the Owls Nest. Equipment is provided to members for use during practice.

  • The KSU Competitive Bass Fishing club has had a lot of success and has recorded high finishes and numbers of participants in tournaments all over the Southeast. The club participates in multiple tournament trails including: FLW, B.A.S.S., and Association of Collegiate Anglers. With the help of our sponsors and dedicated team members, the KSU Competitive Bass Fishing club has great potential for this up and coming season. Join the Club and see what it’s all about!

  • KSU Flag Football practices several times per week on campus and competes in local flag football leagues. The club is open to athletes of all ability levels. Please contact the team if you are interested in joining.

  • KSU Club Football is looking to return for the 2017-2018 season. The Football Club's goal is to provide students an opportunity to play competitive collegiate football while attending KSU. The team is looking to build the club into a program that KSU students can rally behind. The team is always looking for dedicated athletes who share a passion for football.

  • KSU Golf Club is looking for anyone who is passionate about the sport. The club allows students to meet new people with an interest in golf, practice golf weekly and compete against other university teams. All skill levels are welcome; You are encouraged to join at any skill level-- learn to play the game or join as a long-time competitor! If you have any questions or would like to join the team, please send the club an email.

  • The KSU Gymnastics Club started in the Fall of 2011. The Gymnastics Club tries to lead by the motto, “For the Love of the Sport,” instituted at The National Association of InterCollegiate Gymnastics Club as closely as possible. Competitions are always fun because everyone is participating solely because they enjoy the activity. The club also attends Nationals each year.  At the 2017 NAIGC Nationals in Columbus, OH, one female KSU athlete placed 1st all around.

  •  The Kennesaw State University Ice Hockey Team is a Division III club sport. The ice hockey club team has competed in both Division II and Division III levels since its inception. The team won a National Championship in 2005 and has competed in Regionals and Nationals several times since then. The Ice Hockey club has taken pride in bringing international students to the university and having a large KSU fan base for their games at the Ice Forum. 

  • Judo is still a growing club here at KSU. Judo is a grappling martial art that incorporates throws and holds. Each member will have a chance to compete locally, regionally, and possibly nationally as members of USA Judo. No experience is necessary to start! The club will provide all the equipment you need. If you're not ready to compete, you are welcome to join for fun and learn a bit more about the culture behind judo.
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  • Kendo is a new club that welcomes all levels of skill. For those unfamiliar with the sport, Kendo is like Japanese fencing. We offer opportunities for people to travel and compete and climb up through the ranking system of kendo. We will be a member of the SEUSKF competing against other dojos in the southeast and eventually nationwide. Competing isn’t mandatory so if its not your thing you can join just to learn. No equipment is necessary for beginners. Our club provides all you need to start.

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  •  KSU Men’s Club Lacrosse is a competitive team belonging to the Southeastern Lacrosse Conference (SELC) within the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA). The KSU Owls are regularly top contenders in the SELC division and have competed in the SELC National Championship Tournament in Irvine, CA. At the end of the 2017 season, a top performing Men’s Lacrosse player was drafted by the MLL to join the Atlanta Blaze. Please email the club to learn how you can join.

  • KSU Women's Club Lacrosse offers a competitive environment with a wonderful group of supportive, fun and caring women. The club is always looking for more members to join! The team welcomes any level of experience, and team members are more than happy to teach the sport to a new player. Feel free to send an email if you have questions or you are interested in joining the club. Hope to see you soon!

  •  The KSU Paintball Club is open to all KSU students, regardless of prior experience playing the sport. The team currently competes in the National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) in Class A and AA divisions. The club's goals include: becoming one of the top teams in the National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) tournament series; making new friends; and having a great time participating in an activity that club members love. 

  • The KSU Club Roller Hockey team was established in 2006. Since then, the team has experienced tremendous growth and success, including attending Nationals four times. In 2012, the Owls placed 5th in the NCRHA National Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2013, the Owls placed 3rd at Nationals in Fort Myers, Florida. The game of Roller Hockey is very fast paced, with only four skaters and goalie competing on each team during competitions. If you are interested in joining the team, please send the club an email.

  • The Kennesaw Men's Rugby Club is a member of the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (SCRC). Established in 2005, the team has had notable success, including making it to Division I playoffs; the club hopes to make this a standard for years to come. Great things are destined for this team as it continues to grow in both quantity and quality over the seasons to come. For more information, send the club an email.

  • The KSU Women's Rugby Football Club was founded in 2008. The team continues to grow and develop with as many as 25 women on the roster; the team maintains a consistent winning record, and a strong team atmosphere within the club. Given the inherent flexibility of the positions in the sport, the club is a very diverse team, comprised of varsity level athletes to women just looking for something new and exciting to try. Since most new members do not have prior experience, the club starts each season going over basic fundamentals to ensure the unity of the team. It’s an exciting time to be part of this club, as the team won the 2017 Spring National Championship.  Come join!

  •  The KSU Men's Club Soccer team was established in the Fall of 2008 with 15 players on the roster. Since then, the club has had many accomplishments and the team continues to grow in numbers. We compete against teams across the Southeast, such as FSU, UGA, Clemson, Vanderbilt, and many others. We participate in NIRSA’s Region II Soccer League, the Southeast Collegiate Soccer Alliance (SCSA) Central Division. The KSU Owls have attended the Division’s national tournament in Phoenix, AZ several times.

  • KSU Women's Soccer Club is part of the NIRSA Region II Soccer League where they compete for a spot at Regionals, as well as Nationals. The Women’s Soccer Club competes against teams across the Southeast such as UGA, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Clemson, and Georgia Southern in hopes of earning a spot at Regionals. The club always welcomes new, experienced, competitive players to help the team expand.

  • club softball team

     KSU Fast Pitch Softball Club is looking for athletes with some softball experience who want to play at the collegiate level. KSU Club Softball has won first place in their region in 2011 and 2012 and played in the World Series twice. Practice times and locations will be determined as the season approaches. If you are interested in joining the team, please send the club an email. 

  • KSU Swim Club is comprised of swimmers of all skill levels. The club welcomes anyone who is interested in joining. The swim team competes in three to four meets per semester around the Southeast. The club loves to have fun but maintains a competitive attitude at the same time. The club is looking for anyone who loves to swim and wants to be a part of an awesome club!

  • KSU Table Tennis
    KSU Table Tennis

    Club Table Tennis is a new team at KSU. This team is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming season and has plans to travel, compete, and possibly host home events. Beginners and experienced athletes are both welcome to join. Equipment will be provided at practice. Please email the club for more information.

  • The KSU Club Tennis welcomes all former varsity, high school and recreational players who want to play competitively! The team competes competitively against other major in-state and out-of-state universities. The Tennis Club follows the World Team Tennis format (men and women play on the same team); This format is extremely entertaining and offers a fresh perspective on tennis. Come join!

  • The KSU Men's Ultimate Club team competes in many tournaments during both Fall and Spring semesters. Fall is when recruitment begins and during this time, upcoming members are taught basic throwing techniques, game rules and general method of play. The Spring semester is the club's competitive season. The club has consistently participated in both Sectionals and Regionals through USA Ultimate.  The club is always accepting new members!

  • KSU Women's Ultimate Frisbee
    KSU Women's Ultimate Frisbee

    Women's Ultimate Frisbee accepts athletes of any skill level. The team's main goal is to have fun playing the sport that club members are passionate about. If you are interested in joining the team, please send the club an email. New members are always welcome!

  • The Men’s Club Volleyball team is seeking new members with an interest in playing competitively. The club practices twice per week at the Student Recreation and Activities Center on campus and travels throughout the Southeast for competitions against other universities. If you have a desire to play, please contact the club for more information.

  • The KSU Women's Club Volleyball mission is to have fun while playing competitive volleyball. The team strives to make this experience enjoyable for everyone. The team looks forward to practicing hard and competing in tournaments against other universities. As always, team members are students first, athletes second. Practice times, tournament locations, and dues will be determined as the season draws near.

  •  KSU Water Polo club is made up of athletes from all skill levels. We are trying to grow the sport in this state of Georgia. Anyone who is interested, preferably with some form of swim background, is welcome to join. We are looking to attend 3-4 tournaments per year and will also be participating in scrimmages with local teams. The club is looking for anyone looking to learn a new and fun sport or for those who already know how to play and wish help to bring it to the KSU community.

  • Don’t see your favorite sport listed as a current club? You can start a new club! Each club was started by a student or group of students passionate about sports. The Club Sports administrative staff will help you create a team, plan competitions, and teach you the skills needed to be successful on and off the field.

    If you want to learn how to get started, email Club Sports Staff at