Swimming Saves Lives Grant Awards


The US Masters Swimming, Swimming Saves Lives Foundation (SSLF) serves as a financial and educational resource for programs nationwide that provide adult learn-to-swim lessons. Kennesaw State University’s Department of Sports and Recreation is a proud recipient of one of the grants and will provide grant awards to adults (ages 18 and over) needing development in the beginner level swimming competencies. 

Applicants must be current Department of Sports and Recreation members. Each recipient will receive one 6-lesson package that must be completed within 30 days from the initial lesson. Grant awards are available until the grant funds have been depleted. 

Grant award applicants will receive an email within 3-5 business days to notify them if they have been awarded. If the recipient of a grant award does not respond after 7 business days, the grant award will become void. 


· Applicants may only apply once.

· Participants that no show or last minute cancel (less than 24 hours) 2 or more lessons, forfeit their remaining lessons.

· Goggles and caps will be provided while supplies last. 

The next group of questions is for the staff to determine your current skill and comfort. Instructors may use this information to design a progressive and rewarding lesson plan. Please remember it is fine if you cannot do some/all of these things.

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