Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The Recreation Advisory Council aims to improve the quality of our services provided to the KSU community, specifically in the area of university recreation, as well as be the sounding board for all KSU students.


Our purpose is to increase and maintain the satisfaction of KSU students, recreation advisors and visitors through:

  • Offering a wide variety of group activities such as Intramural Sports, Club Sports, Outdoor Adventures, Aquatics and Group Exercise classes.
  • Making the university recreation facilities accessible to all within the KSU community. 
  • Forming a social community through everyday interaction within the facilities and programs.
  • Maintaining the highest technological standards of university recreation and fitness equipment.
  • Providing education towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have concerns or issues you would like discussed by the council? Please contact

Meetings will take place at 6:30 PM on the last Monday of the month for the spring semester. Guests are welcome to attend.

Meet our Recreation Advisory Council Members:

  • KSU Advisory Council Member

    Brandon Yang

    Brandon is pursuing a B.S. in Information Technology at Kennesaw State. Brandon likes to workout and play volleyball in his free time and considers himself to be an active member in the recreation center. As a member of the Recreation Advisory Council, he would like to improve the quality of services provided to the KSU community and expects to see results as the council identifies issues with plausible solutions.

    • KSU Advisory Council Member

      Faith Farmer

      Faith is pursuing a B.A. in International Affairs with a minor in Asian Studies at Kennesaw State. As a member of the Recreation Advisory Council, her focus is to ensure that students and recreation members have pleasant and helpful interactions with staff members. She if hopeful that the Advisory Council will lead to increased knowledge about KSU facilities and programs available to the campus community. 

      • KSU Advisory Council Member

        Elise Schmookler

        Elise is pursuing a B.S. in Communication at Kennesaw State.  Elise is a competitive Olympic Weightlifter that also enjoys CrossFit, obstacle course races and horseback riding. As a member of the Recreation Advisory Council, she hopes to encourage the KSU community to find a sport that makes them happy while providing every opportunity for people to learn something new. 

        • KSU Advisory Council Member

          Katlin Withers

          Katlin is pursuing a B.S. in Biology at Kennesaw State. She participates in many KSU community activities including working as a Resident Assistant on campus, playing Intramural Soccer, working as a swim instructor at a local pool and founding a new club on campus to help the homeless. As a member of the Recreation Advisory Council, Katlin wants to improve the overall health experience for students and make student fitness more accessible.

          For more information on the Recreation Advisory Council, please contact Nigel Harris, Director of Programs & Facilities, at