Housed within the Division of Student Affairs, the Department of Sports and Recreation fosters the holistic development of KSU students’ physical, social, and leadership development through sport and recreational activities within a fun and supportive environment. We embrace the opportunity to provide programs and services that encourage students to develop or enhance a healthy lifestyle. We also strive to provide a range of activity choices on the Kennesaw campus and the Marietta campus. All programs and services are facilitated in-house by top notch professional staff members and student assistants. The programs provide an opportunity to compete at various levels, improve leadership skills, socialize, develop positive fitness practices, cultivate a connection to the university, explore the outdoors, and just have fun.


The Department of Sports and Recreation enriches the education experience at Kennesaw State University by promoting the physical, social, and leadership development of our students and campus community through diverse sport and recreation opportunities within a fun, supportive, and experiential environment to enhance quality of life. Our department provides state-of-the-art facilities, programs and services that encourage community engagement, personal empowerment and healthy lifestyles.


We aspire to provide the most comprehensive, inclusive, and progressive recreation and sport facilities, programs, and services for Kennesaw State University students and the campus community.