Small Group Trainings

KSU Personal Trainer Sessions
Workshop and Training opportunities are for KSU students interested in teaching Group Fitness, Personal Training, and or learning more about our classes and equipment!

From time to time we'll partner with other organizations (Schwinn, YogaFit®, TRX®, and more!) to bring training opportunities to the KSU campus. Depending on the organization and type of training, the following features may vary, including:

  • Duration (one-day or two-day workshops and training)
  • Payment
  • Prerequisite and experience requirements
  • Registration methods
  • Class size and availability
  • Are you looking to learn something new, work on your fitness, and meet some new friends along the way? We offer small group trainings at an affordable rate. 

    Each small group will meet twice a week for a total of six weeks. The group training costs $60 for the six-week training program, equating to $5/hour. Small Group Training registration is located in the Dr. Betty Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center. Visit us in the Administrative Office Suites, (Room 1101) for course information and your registration packets.

    • Spots are limited and are first come, first serve!
    • You must fill out the registration packet before paying for the small group training.

Fall 2017 Offerings:

  • Powerlifting Small Group Training

    Come on out to our six-week Powerlifting Small Group Training taught by one of our personal trainers and the reigning champion of the last two Iron Owl Competitions. This progressive workshop will teach you how to get stronger in the three main lifts of powerlifting, as well as prepare you for the Iron Owl VIII. It will be comprised of both interactive lecture and lifting days.

    • Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays | Monday, September 11th- Wednesday, October 18th
    • Time: 11am-12pm 
    • Location: Mondays (GX Studios 2/3), Wednesdays (XP Room in the Kennesaw SRAC)
    • Price: $60
    • Availability: 3-8 participants
    • Registration Deadline: Friday, September 8th at 5pm
        • Register in-person at the Kennesaw SRAC in the Administrative Office Suites, #1101
  • Intro to Fitness Small Group Training

    Are you looking to get started exercising but don't know where to start? Are you looking for new ideas to incorporate into your current workout routine? This 6 week small group training not only gives you a workout but teaches you how to create your own fitness routines and incorporate new ideas into your program.

    • Dates: Tuesday and Thursdays | Tuesday, September 26th- Thursday, November 2nd
    • Time: 5-6pm
    • Location: Kennesaw SRAC | Activity Rooms 1090 A/B
    • Price: $60
    • Availability: 3-8 participants
    • Registration Deadline: September 22nd at 5pm
        • Register in-person at the Kennesaw SRAC in the Administrative Office Suites, #1101