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OwlFit Fall offerings

Let Us Help You Get Moving

OwlFit Programs offer a variety of ways for you to reach your fitness goals:

  • Reach your fitness goals with new friends! Certified group exercise instructors lead participants in classes that are fun, challenging, and appropriate for all fitness levels. Each week, we offer a variety of class formats including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba®, TRX®, Indoor Cycling, Bootcamp and many more.

    Click here for more information on our GX class offerings.

  • Whatever your goals, our Personal Trainers will create a training program that fits your style. The Personal Training program is a physical, psychological and emotional experience designed not only to make you feel more powerful, but to educate and empower you to take a greater role in your personal fitness.

    Click here to view pricing on our OwlFit Personal Training packages 

  • No time to make it to the Rec Center? Let us come to you! The Fitness on the Fly program is intended for organizations that want to have a custom experience for their group. Additional fees may apply depending upon request. Click here for additional details and to submit a Fitness on the Fly request. 

  • Learn what it takes to be a Group Exercise Instructor or Personal Trainer with great organizations like Schwinn, Fitness Anywhere (TRX Suspension Training), Zumba®, and YogaFit. See the Workshops and Trainings page for details.

    Our Fall 2017 offerings include: 

    • OwlFit Hour:
      Previously known as the Know Your Number program, offers a one-on-one fitness evaluation session with our certified OwlFit personal trainers. During this time, our personal trainers will answer any of your fitness questions and perform body compositions as well. Interested? For more information, click here

    • Muscle Recovery Workshop (October 20, 2017 & October 25, 2017):
      Are you feeling beat up, sore and tired after your workouts? Come on out to this Muscle Recovery Workshop hosted by out OwlFit Personal Trainers! You will learn the basics of foam rolling and myofasical release to improve your performance in and out of the gym! For more information on this workshop, click here.

    • Powerlifting Small Group Training (Septmber 11 - October 18, 2017):
      This progressive workshop will teach you how to get strongers in the three main lifts of powerlifting as well as prepare you for the Iron Owl VIII. It will be comprised of both interactive lecture and lifting days. For more information on this small group training, please click here. 

    • Intro to Fitness Small Group Training (Septmber 11 - October 18, 2017):
      Are you looking to get started exercising but don't know where to start? Are you looking for new ideas to incorporate into your current workout routine? This 6 week small group training not only gives you a workout but teaches you how to create your own fitness routines and incorporate new ideas into your program. For more information on this small group training, please click here.

    • YogaFit Yoga Teacher Training (August 26 - October 15, 2017):
      Looking to get yoga certified? Want to become an Owlfit group exercise instructor? Then don't miss out on this opportunity! KSU is hosting four different trainings during the Fall 2017 semester. If you are interested in this great opportunity, please click here to view each training session.
  • We are hiring! Apply to be one of our elite OwlFit fitness team members. Our program offer opportunities for those with little to no experience, just a desire to learn and make a difference. 

    OwlFit is currently looking for new Group Exercise Instructors and Personal Trainers. Certifications are required, but can be acquired with our assistance.