OwlFit Announcements 

  • we are hiring

    Ready to start helping others but not sure how to get there? The OwlFit team has the perfect solution for students seeking employment in fitness while continuing their education. For more information about OwlFit employment, please click here

    Let Us Help You Get Moving

    OwlFit Programs offer a variety of ways for you to reach your fitness goals:

    • Reach your fitness goals with new friends! Certified group exercise instructors lead participants in classes that are fun, challenging, and appropriate for all fitness levels. Each week, we offer a variety of class formats including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba®, TRX®, Indoor Cycling, Bootcamp and many more.

      Click here for more information on our GX class offerings.

    • Whatever your goals, our Personal Trainers will create a training program that fits your style. The Personal Training program is a physical, psychological and emotional experience designed not only to make you feel more powerful, but to educate and empower you to take a greater role in your personal fitness.

      Click here to for more information on OwlFit Personal Training

    • Olympic Weightlifting (September 17-October 24, 2018):

      Are you looking to try something new? This 6-week small group training will teach you the foundation of Olympic Weightlifting. Lifting including the clean and jerk and the snatch.

      Pilates Reformer Session One (September 4-October 11, 2018)

      Join us for a 6-week progressive Pilates program that explores dynamic exercises on the Reformer and mat. This small group will allow you to have a deeper-mind-body connection as you focus on strength, balance, and stability.

      Pilates Reformer Session Two (October 16-November 29, 2018)

      Join us for a 6-week progressive Pilates program that explores dynamic exercises on the Reformer and mat. This small group will allow you to have a deeper-mind-body connection as you focus on strength, balance, and stability.

      For more information on small group training, click here.

    • Fall 2018

      OwlFit Fitness Showcase 

      Start your semester off with OwlFit! We will feature Zumba and LesMills BODYATTACK classes, fitness challenges, and much more!

      Wednesday, August 15th
      6:30-9:00 PM
      SRAC, 4-Court Gym

       Sunset Salutations 

      Experience this 75-minute Yoga Flow as the Sun Sets.

      Tuesday, September 11
      Kennesaw Campus, Campus Green 

      *Please Bring Yoga Mat/ Towel and KSU ID

       Glow in the Dark Cycling 

      Sweat in the Dark with us as we Cycle to Today's top Hits! SEATS WILL FILL QUICK!

      Thursday, October 25
      6:00 PM
      SRAC Studio 1

      *Arrive 15 minutes early for bike fitting. Bring towel and water bottle.

      Iron Owl IX 

      Are you looking to show your strength and meet some friends? Come out to our annual powerlifting competition, the Iron Owl IX! This competition will have Men’s and Women’s Divisions and have max attempts for the squat, bench, and deadlift. No cost to participate as a Department of Sports and Recreation facility member. Guest participants must pay for a $10.00 daily facility pass.

      When: Weigh ins: Friday Nov. 2 from 8:00AM - 4:00PM

      Competition: Saturday Nov. 3, 2018 from 11:00AM - 6:00PM

      SRAC, Multi Activity Court

    • No time to make it to the Rec Center? Let us come to you! The Fitness on the Fly program is intended for organizations that want to have a custom experience for their group. Additional fees may apply depending upon request. Click here for additional details and to submit a Fitness on the Fly request. 

    • Learn what it takes to be a Group Exercise Instructor or Personal Trainer with great organizations like Schwinn, Fitness Anywhere (TRX Suspension Training), Zumba®, and YogaFit. See the Fitness Professional Development page for details.

      Our Fall 2018 offerings include: 

      • Aquatic Fitness Practical Applications (August 25, 2018):
        This hands-on workshop, designed to strengthen the practical skills needed as an aquatic group fitness instructor or personal trainer working with clients in the water includes both classroom and pool learning. This course is designed for those seeking Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) certification to reinforce the recommended practical skills needed to be an AEA certified fitness professional. For more information on this workshop, click here.

      • AquaBata Shallow (August 26, 2018):
        Offered through the Aquatic Exercise Association, take advantage of the latest trend in fitness to deliver the next level of training to your aquatic programs. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), including the specialized Tabata format, transitions into the water with high-powered results. Minimal choreography, maximal results! For more information on this workshop, click here. 

      • Aquatic Kick Boxing (August 26, 2018):
        Offered through the Aquatic Exercise Association, explore innovative, safe and effective aquatic Kick Boxing! Great for group fitness instructors and personal trainers, this program discusses movement modifications and adaptations for the pool. Explore the benefits of three modalities; standalone training, combination programming and multi-sport fitness workout options. For more information on this workshop, click here.

      • TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Workshop (September 8, 2018):
        Learn the fundamentals of myofascia, review the latest self-myofascial release (SMR) research, and dive into TriggerPoint SMR movement philosophy using the GRID foam roller. Walk away with practical knowledge and hands-on experience coaching and cueing movements that can be scaled for all client levels. For more information on this workshop, click here.

      • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification (October 13, 2018):
        Get certified in the industry’s most respected and progressive indoor cycling instructor training course. In one power-packed day, you’ll get the tools you need to become a successful, sought-after instructor on any brand of bike. This critically acclaimed certification is based on the newly updated Schwinn Cycling Coach’s Pyramid, a specialized system that makes teaching simple for you and an incredible experience for your students. You will learn bike fit, cycling science, class design, music, communication skills and motivation techniques. For more information on this workshop, click here.

      • TRX Group Suspension Training Workshop (October 20, 2018):
        Through application of TRX’s Group Coaching System, evolve your coaching techniques and learn the essential knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively coach Group Suspension Training workouts. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to successfully deliver a personalized, motivating group classes of varying fitness levels. We strongly recommend having taken either the TRX Suspension Training Course (STC) and/or TRX Suspension Training Basics Digital Course prior to attending this course. For more information on this workshop, click here. 

      • TRX Suspension Training Course (November 10, 2018):
        With the versatility of TRX Suspension Training® you’ll have a portable fitness solution to train clients in any setting. You'll learn how to properly perform and cue foundational Suspension Training exercises as well as the benefits and target muscles of the exercises. Learn modifications and progressions to adapt the exercises to every fitness level. For more information on this workshop, click here.

      Our Spring 2019 offerings include:

      • Myofascial Compression Techniques (January 26, 2019):
        Take your knowledge beyond foam rolling by learning the practical applications behind TriggerPoint’s deep tissue tools designed to increase mobility and improve performance through improved biomechanics. Covering 14 areas of the body, this course provides an in-depth knowledge of how to use and teach Myofascial Compression Techniques to increase the performance and training results your clients demand. For more information on this workshop, click here.
    • Our program offers opportunities for those with little to no experience. You just need to have a desire to learn and make a difference.