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OwlFit Announcements

  • OwlFit Hour

    Are you looking to learn where you stand in your fitness journey? Are you looking for ways to improve? Have your fitness level test at our OwlFit Hour and learn how our OwlFit Personal Trainers and Instructors can help you!

    • Kennesaw | 2nd Monday of every month ◦ 5-6 pm
    • Marietta | 2nd Wednesday of every month ◦ 12-1pm
    • Have questions about exercise? Want to get your body composition tested? Join our personal trainers once a month to answer any questions you may have or have your body tested in the OwlFit Hour.

      OwlFit Hour, previously known as the Know Your Number program, has been modified to provide a better experience for you. The OwlFit Hour program will include time for our Personal Trainers to answer any questions and perform body compositions as well. Please note, program times and dates have changed. 


      When: 2nd Monday of every month, 5-6pm
      Where: SRAC | Kennesaw Campus


      When: 2nd Wednesday of every month, 12-1pm
      Where: Recreation Wellness Center | Marietta Campus

      Both sessions will meet near the lobby at both recreation facilities.


    OwlFit's 8th Annual Iron Owl Competition

    • Are you looking to show your strength and meet some friends along the way? Come out to our 8th annual powerlifting competition, Iron Owl VIII!

      This is a powerlifting style event with a max deadlift, max bench press competition and max squat competition. The competition will be compromised of Men's and Women's Divisions and have max attempts in all three powerlifting categories. Participants will be placed in different classes based on weight.

      The event will take place on Saturday, October 28th from 12-5pm in the MAC Gym at the SRAC. Weigh-ins will be required the day before, Friday, October 27th, at anytime between the 8am-5pm timeframe. 

      Iron Owl VIII Tshirt

      Iron Owl T-Shirts will be distributed as soon as the competition finishes.


      • Weigh-ins: Friday, October 27th • 8am-5pm
      • Day of Competition: Saturday, October 28th • 12am-5pm • MAC Gym
      • Iron Owl Registration Dates: Monday, August 14th- Friday, October 27th


      Registration: Participants can register online or non-members can register in the Administrative Office Suites, #1101 located in the SRAC, Kennesaw Campus.
      Please note, there is no registration fee applied.


      Registration Dates: Opens on Monday, August 14th & Closes on Friday, October 27th at 5pm.

      • This event is open to all KSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests.*
      • All guests must pay a $10 guest pass fee.*



    Group Exercise Special Events

    • Run through the terrors of the night with us as we cycle to spooky soundtracks and stretch to find relief in this fun Halloween mash-up!

      • When: Tuesday, October 24th
      • Where: RWC, Marietta Campus
      • Time: 6:30-8:30pm

      • When: Thursday, October 26th
      • Where: SRAC, Kennesaw Campus | MAC Gym
      • Time: 6-7:30pm
    • Ready to dance through the end of the semester? Shake it and start your finals right by coming to our Zumba party!

      • When: Tuesday, November 28th
      • Where: SRAC, Kennesaw Campus | 4-Court Gym
      • Time: 6-7:30pm
    • Ease into the end of your fall semester with this zenful and relieving yoga event.

      • When: Wednesday, November 29th
      • Where: SRAC, Kennesaw Campus
      • Time: 6-7:30pm

      • When: Thursday, November 30th
      • Where: J.M. Wilson Student Center, Marietta Campus 
      • Time: 6-7:30pm



    Fall 2017 Workshop Offerings

    • Looking to get yoga certified? Kennesaw State University is hosting a series of different yoga trainings during the fall semester of 2017. To register for these classes, please visit the link attached to each class registration description.

      • YogaFit for Warriors (PTSD):

        This trauma-sensitive yoga workshop zeros in on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma Brain Injury (TBI), the long-term effects each one has on the mind, body and spirit, ad how yoga can bring relief. Anyone suffering from trauma-- military men and women, and their families; first responders; victims of violence or abuse-- as well as the mental health professional working with them will benefit from this two-day intensive.
          • When: October 14, 2017- October 15, 2017
      Register Now


    • Are you feeling beat up, sore and tired after your workouts? Come on out to this Muscle Recovery Workshop hosted by out OwlFit Personal Trainers! You will learn the basics of foam rolling and myofasical release to improve your performance in and out of the gym!

      • When: Friday, October 20th
      • Where: RWC, Marietta Campus | Group Exercise Studio
      • Registration: no pre-registration required
      • Price: $0

      • When: Wednesday, October 25th 
      • Where: SRAC, Kennesaw Campus | Activity Room 1090 A/B
      • Registration: no pre-registration required
      • Price: $0
    • Continue your TRX Education Journey- Expand your marketability and master group coaching techniques in this hands-on eight-hour course. Building on the foundational suspension training knowledge from prior courses, you will continue to advance your coaching skills to effectively lead group training programs. 

      • When: Saturday, November 11th
      • Where: SRAC, Kennesaw Campus | Functional Training Zone
      • Time: 8am-5pm
      • Price: $295 
      Register Now

      *Please note, registration for this course will open in September.

    • How do you plan to stay fit over Winter Break? Bring your notepad for this spoken event to build your plan for the winter months. 

      • When: Wednesday, November 29th
      • Where: SRAC, Kennesaw Campus
      • Time: 12-2pm

      • When: Thursday, November 30th
      • Where: RWC, Marietta Campus
      • Time: 12-2pm

      Please note, there is no pre-registration for this workshop. There is no fee charge for active KSU students and recreation members.

    • With the versatility of TRX Suspension Training® you’ll have a portable fitness solution to train clients in any setting. You'll learn how to properly perform and cue foundational Suspension Training exercises as well as the benefits and target muscles of the exercises. Learn modifications and progressions to adapt the exercises to every fitness level.

      • When: Saturday, December 2nd
      • Where: SRAC, Kennesaw Campus | Functional Training Zone
      • Time: 8am-5pm
      • Price: $295
      Register Now

      *Please note, registration for this course will open in October.