Climbing Gym

Kennesaw Climbing Gym

The Climbing Gym offers 3,722 square feet of climbing space that includes a 15’ bouldering wall, 47’ climbing tower, and climbing instructional sessions with trained staff. The tower supports both top rope and lead climbing with 14 separate belay bars great for both novice and advanced climbers.

  • Regular Semester Hours
    Break/Summer Hours
  • Monday-Thursday: 11am-8pm
    Friday: 11am-5pm
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed

    Monday-Thursday: 12pm-6pm
    Friday: 11am-5pm
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed



  • Don't have a belay partner? Try Climb nights are hosted every Thursday night from 6-8pm. Trained staff will be available to belay patrons during these events. This is a great opportunity for patrons who are not Belay Certified to try Top Rope climbing on the tower without taking a belay test.

  • At the KSU Climbing Gym students will have access to the boulder and tower. Students are also able to request any of the following offerings at no additional cost:

    • Top rope belay instructional course ✻ 
    • Top rope belay test ✻
    • Lead climb/belay instructional course ✻✻
    • Lead climb belay test ✻✻
    • Climbing harness
    • Belay device
    • Quick draw rack
    • Lead climbing rope

    ✻ : Belay course and test are available upon request
    ✻✻ : Lead climbing course and test available by appointment only

    Students may also request the following offerings at a nominal fee:

    • Climbing shoe & chalk package | $2
    • You must have your KSU ID with you to check into the climbing gym
    • You must be a fee paying student, have a facility membership, or purchase a guest pass at the Outdoor Adventures desk for $5 and be accompanied by a fee paying student or facility member.
    • Belay certifications are not required to access the bouldering wall or to request an instructional session.
    • Patrons who have not taken a belay test are able to climb the tower during Try Climb nights when additional staff are available to belay.
    • To utilize the tower during open climb hours, you must pass a top rope belay test. Belay tests are administered upon request at no additional cost.