2016 Outdoor Adventure Trips

Mission Statement

Outdoor Adventure Programs at Kennesaw State University provide access to outdoor pursuits to the KSU community. These programs offer both recreational and educational opportunities for everyone--novice to expert. Outdoor Adventure programs are founded on the principles of experiential learning to develop knowledge, leadership, and community.


OA Staff: Summer Spotlights

  • We chose Aaron because of his enthusiasm to grow our local cycling community. Aaron has shown a level of investment in our program that not many students can. Aaron races for and represents KSU Club Sports around the Southeast. He also recently became more involved with our mountain biking culture here at the KSU Bike Shop with his new purchase of a mountain bike! Yet another sign of Aaron's investment and dedication to the OA mission!

     Aaron's OA Bio:

    • How long have you been working for Outdoor Adventures (OA)?
      I've been working for OA for a little over a month. 

    • Why did you get involved with OA?
      I wanted to get involved with OA because cycling has become a major part of my life and it allows me to learn more about what I love to do.

    • What do you love about OA? 
      I love that everyone who works in OA is able to learn more and work with what they love. It makes for a great work environment that everyone enjoys.

    • Why should other students get involved?
      Other students should get involved because it allows for students to go on trips and hopefully find something they love to do outdoors!

    • Favorite Quote:
      "Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... that's what gets you."
      - Jeremy Clarkson 


OA Staff: Summer Spotlights

  • Jimmy contributes a great amount of enthusiasm to our OA team and programs through his willingness to lend a helping hand when extra staffing is needed! He has taken initiative to complete special projects that have benefited our OA programs tremendously. Jimmy is always one to respond to requests and give his time to Outdoor Adventures.


     Jimmy's OA Bio:

    • How long have you been working for Outdoor Adventures (OA)?
      I have been working at OA since last February.

    • Why did you get involved with OA?
      I got involved with OA because of my love for the outdoors and because of the opportunities OA presented me to do great things.

    • What do you love about OA? 
      I love OA because of my OA family and because of the amazing places I get to go and the awesome things we get to do.

    • Why should other students get involved?
      Other students should get involved because Oa presents you with the ability to travel and go see amazing things.

    • Favorite Quote:
      "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson


OA Staff: Summer Spotlights

  • Olivia was chosen because of her valued commitment to sustainability and her implementation of these practices into our OA community. Olivia is a Civil Engineer major, who is always looking for ways to limit our impact on the environment. Whether she is working with honey bees or instituting a new recycling initiative at the KSU Bike Shop, a lot of what OA advocates, Olivia is putting into action. 

    Olivia's OA Bio:

    • How long have you been working for Outdoor Adventures?
      2 years (on again, off again)

    • Why did you get involved with Outdoor Adventures? 
      I am a Marietta campus student. After the consolidation, my friend and I were curious about climbing so we went to get belay certified in the climbing gym. I looked across the hallway and saw all of the wood paneling in the OA offices. When I went inside I saw all of the tools and when I asked the desk person they said that KSU had a bike shop. I applied, and I have been working there ever since!

    • What do you love about it?
      The OA department gives students who wouldn't otherwise have access to outdoors equipment and knowledge access to the beauty of the outdoors. It helps spread the health benefits and fun of outdoor activities to all of KSU's communities.
    • Why should other students get involved?
      As more students get involved with Outdoor Adventures, more people will have exposure to the wonder of nature. That's something that I believe can be lost in our (as cliche as this sounds) fast paced world. There's something therapeutic about being surrounded by nature and about doing activities that allow you to have fun in it without destroying it. To that point, being involved in outdoor activities promotes a greater appreciation for the environment. That's the greatest takeaway for any outdoor activity in my experience.  

    • Favorite Quote:

    "The dream of my life
    Is to lie down by a slow river
    And stare at the light in the trees-
    To learn something by being nothing
    A little while but the rich
    Lens of attention."

    -Mary Oliver 


  • Outdoor Adventures Desk Attendant : Now Hiring

    NOW HIRING: We are currently taking applications for Outdoor Adventures Desk Attendant. For more applicant information, please visit our Student Employment page.


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