2016 Outdoor Adventure Trips

Mission Statement

Outdoor Adventure Programs at Kennesaw State University provide access to outdoor pursuits to the KSU community. These programs offer both recreational and educational opportunities for everyone--novice to expert. Outdoor Adventure programs are founded on the principles of experiential learning to develop knowledge, leadership, and community.

 Outdoor Adventures Staff Spotlight: Omar Daouk
OA Staff Spotlight: January

  • Meet Omar Daouk. Omar is in his first year working with us as a Climbing Gym Attendant. Omar was nominated for this month’s Staff Spotlight because of his dependability and enthusiasm. He consistently goes above and beyond to complete job functions as well as work with patrons in the Climbing Gym so their experience is positive. He has been working hard to “…keep staff and students engaged so that they can enjoy the climbing gym by incorporating new techniques and styles that make their time fun.”  

    Omar decided to get involved with Outdoor Adventures “…because I thought it would be a great way to meet people and be an important part of this university.” He shared with us why he loves Outdoor Adventures, “I personally love the environment and coworkers which makes me appreciate my job.”

    He encourages others to get involved with Outdoor Adventures because, “I believe other students should get involved so that they can learn to make important connections and to explore a side of themselves they never knew about.”

    Favorite Quote: 

    "Motivation is nothing without dedication." 


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